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On Holiday with God : Making your own retreat - a companion and guide

Posted on 12 May 2013 Gavin Glenn

On Holiday With God is a comprehensive guide to stepping aside from your usual routine and making space for God in a personal retreat, whether in your own home, at a retreat centre or in any quiet place. For first timers and seasoned retreat-goers alike, it overflows with refreshing wisdom, ideas and resources for making the most of time set apart for God – the God who delights in your company and wants to refresh and renew you.

Freedom to respond to what God is doing in and with your life, and freedom to choose what fits your personality, health, spiritual experiences and particular needs, are at the heart of the retreat experience. This wise and inviting book includes practical guidance on:

  • recognizing the signs that you need a holiday with God
  • discerning what kind of a retreat will be best for you and how to plan it
  • creating a rhythm for your days
  • framing each day in prayer
  • reading the Bible reflectively
  • befriending silence and stillness
  • rediscovering simple everyday activities such as walking, eating, reading, resting and sleeping, as healing gifts of God
  • engaging with all the persons of the Trinity - God, Jesus and Holy Spirit
  • listening for God's loving word in themed spiritual exercises
  • reflecting on your experiences
  • honouring the gifts of the retreat as it draws to a close
  • continuing your journey with God as you return home.

God is a God of surprises and you never quite know what will happen when you go on holiday with God. However, what you can he sure of is that in giving God your whole attention, making yourself available to the Spirit, you will begin to glimpse something of the wonder of God's love for you and for all whom you encounter in your everyday life at home.

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