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Posted on 23 November 2009 wgleeson

Most people in ministry roles, particularly those in 'Specified Ministries', have spent a significant period of time slaving over books in formation and preparation.  These books have given guidance and help create platforms on which to initiate and build a successful ministry.  But who has time to read once they get into that ministry situation, especially when there is a lot of chaff to discard from the wheat that is quality Christian literature?

e-Theo is an online book review service, written especially with time-starved pastors, chaplains,  ministers and other ministry workers, lay and ordained, in mind.  e-Theo looks at a range of titles - contemporary and classic - anything that can enhance, develop and nurture people who minister, their ministry and their environments.

Click here to enhance your reading by visiting e-Theo.

e-Theo is a joint project between the Camden Theological Library, the School of Continuing Education and United Theological College.

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