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Not Sure : A Pastor's Journey from Faith to Doubt

Posted on 4 October 2012 Gavin Glenn

In 2002, While touring North America with his wife in an RV, John Suk - lifelong Christian, longtime pastor, and noted leader in the Christian Reformed Church - experienced a crippling crisis of faith. He emerged from that dark time with a strange new gift - doubt.

In Not Sure Suk takes readers on an eyes-wide-open, deeply personal voyage through the past and present of Christian belief, reexamining Christian faith - in his own life and in fifteen centuries of Christian history - through a skeptic's eyes. He exposes major pitfalls of modern Christian movements and questions what he considers to be faulty paradigms: the "personal relationship with Jesus", the "health-and-wealth gospel", and traditional ethnicity-based belief systems. In the end he is left clinging to what is for him a truer, wiser kind of faith in Jesus Christ - faith that struggles and lives with doubt.

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