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Mystically Wired : Exploring New Realms in Prayer

Posted on 17 June 2013 Gavin Glenn

Is prayer for you too much like running into an invisible wall?

Try another approach - one that respects the wiring of the praying brain, that calls for different effort, not just more of the same. All of us - including you - have been equipped for a wide array of praying styles, including ways thought to be reserved for the ancient mystics.

Mystically Wired is a practical guide to cooperating with your brain's innate capacities in order to experience a richer, fuller prayer life. Your brain is wired and waiting to pray in new ways, enabled by a fresh understanding of some ancient prayer disciplines.

Prayer is a human instinct, not an impossible chore.

It can be so much more than a one-sided conversation. It can be a wordless connection with God, a step beyond the boundary of the separated self. It can be a way to listen to a silence pregnant with love. And it can be learned.


Ken Wilson is Senior Pastor of the Vineyard Church in Ann Arbor. Ken is active in national environmental initiatives and efforts to open new dialogue between secular science and people of faith. His church is noted for serving the poor; engaging those beyond the reach of contemporary Christianity; and exploring contemplative prayer disciplines, serving as online host to The Divine Hours. He is also the author of Jesus Brand Spirituality.

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