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Losing God - Matt Rogers

Posted on 4 September 2009 wgleeson

As the author suggests, Losing God is a journey through depression, from the inside.  It is a remarkably honest and unselfconscious treatment of a subject that the Church has struggled to deal with.

Rogers puts aside the usual buzzwords of Christian mental health literature and rather than looking at victory over, defeat of, or conquering depression, he tells simply what it was like to live with, what he had to struggle with emotionally and spiritually.

Rogers looks in depth at the struggle between spirituality and physiology.  Was the fact that God was no longer important to him a sign of a hardening heart and lack of  salvation, or was it a chemical imbalance which affected his thoughts and actions?

This book provides no answers.  It provides no easy method to shrug off depression. 

It is a valuable source of hope for anyone who is touched by depression, whether they are living with depression or caring for someone who is.  It is also a must read for anyone with pastoral care responsibilities.

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