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Left Behind and Loving It : A Cheeky Look at the End Times

Posted on 27 November 2012 Gavin Glenn

Reviewed by Linda Turton

The author, D. Mark Davis, grew up in the religious tradition of ‘End Times’ or ‘Left Behind’ theology and knows it well. You will find his style clear and lightly humorous: his current life as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA) has equipped him with great communication skills. He is appreciative of why people become caught up in this theological approach to their faith and reveals the play on people’s anxieties. His primary point is that we must read the biblical books not at one level only (“homotextuality”) as do the ‘Left Behind’ proponents, but according to the integrity of their differing literary characteristics. For instance, he wants us to read poetry as poetry, and to have a feel for how an older story is employed (with calculated differences) by a biblical author to highlight a new way of responding to a current crisis. Having established with examples the importance of this approach (heterotextuality and intertextuality) he employs it towards the apocalyptic passages in the Bible, revealing how we can have confidence in God’s steadfast love enduring forever, and in the gospel writers’ portrayals of Jesus.

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