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Languages of the Unheard

Posted on 20 November 2014 Gavin Glenn

Why militant protest is good for democracy

Martin Luther King once insisted that “a riot is the language of the unheard”.

Since 2011 swathes of protest, rebellion, and rioting have covered the globe. A new, disenfranchised generation is fighting for its voice as once again scores of police line the streets and pop icons demand a political revolution.

Challenging us to consider arson attacks against empty buildings, black bloc street-fighting tactics, and industrial sabotage, amongst an array of other militant actions, philosopher Stephen D’Arcy asks if it is ever acceptable to use or threaten to use armed force. Both a consideration of the ethics and politics of militant protest and the story of dissidents and their actions post 1968.

Languages of the Unheard argues that militancy is not a danger to democratic norms of consensus-building. Instead, it is a legitimate remedy for elite intransigence and unresponsive systems of power that ignore, or silence, the people.

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