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Knowing Jesus

Posted on 18 June 2012 Gavin Glenn

With questions at the end of each chapter to prompt further discussion, this classic book asks what it is to know Jesus.

"The most lucid and imaginative presentation of a theology of redemption that I have read in many years."
From the Foreward by Rowan Williams Archbishop of Canterbury

"Just occasionally, one picks up a new religious book that is so brilliantly persuasive that one finds oneself almost converted to a new, quite different religion, until one realizes, hold on, this is Christianity - but written about in such a startlingly fresh way as to make it seem as if one is discovering it for the first time."
Catholic Herald

"James Alison has been gripped by the rich excitement of Jesus' resurrection, and has had the courage to think through its meaning in ways that make most Easter sermons seem bland and dull by comparison. The lessons he draws are striking and at times controversial, but it's hard to see how one can disagree with him without denying the very foundation of Christian faith."
Tom Wright

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