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Jesus Among Friends and Enemies : A Historical and Literary Introduction to Jesus in the Gospels

Posted on 17 July 2012 Gavin Glenn

Reviewed by Linda Turton


Whether you are a theological student tackling assignments, a minister preparing sermons, or simply someone curious to better understand Jesus in his social and religious context you should delve into this book. The discussions are easily read, with helpful boxes that do such things as explain strategies for reading biblical text, or provide background information (eg on the tetragrammaton YHWH) or the bare bones and evidence for an issue (eg the so-called longer ending of Mark). Jesus’ friends include God and the angels, John the Baptist, his disciples and his family; his enemies range from the political and Jewish authorities to Satan and the demons. The various contributors, well known in the fields of Second Temple Judaism, New Testament and theology, provide pertinent historical information and explore the differing impacts of witness in the canonical writings, with some reflection upon non-canonical texts. The theological insights that spring from seeing Jesus in terms of his friends and enemies will greatly enlarge your understanding.

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