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Introduction to Biblical Studies (3rd Edition)

Posted on 28 October 2013 Gavin Glenn

In this tried and tested book, Steve Moyise presents an ideal introduction to modern biblical studies. Moyise familiarizes readers with issues of inspiration, canon and authority and explores historical approaches to the Bible such as source, form and redaction criticism. Comparisons with other literature, such as ancient flood stories or Egyptian psalms, help set the context for this. Considering a number of approaches to the Bible, Moyise begins by exploring literary criticsm and shows how texts ‘speak’ to readers, influencing their attitudes, emotions and behaviour. This is followed by liberation, feminist and finally a variety of theological approaches used by those who consider the Bible to be sacred scripture.

For the third edition Moyise has added two sections, one giving a basic outline of the biblical story together with a timeline and key dates, and another on dating the New Testament.

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