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In the Face of Difference

Posted on 6 July 2015 Gavin Glenn

Cover - In the Face of Difference

Congregations building understanding and cooperation

Encounters with difference are the measure of faith, as how a person of one faith approaches persons of other faiths reveals the heart of religious conviction. Christian congregations are often ill-equipped to respond to differing religious perspectives. Most are hesitant, many are prejudiced. In the Face of Difference offers a basis for constructive response, demonstrating how one can honor people of another faith by living fully into one’s own faith.


William Sachs examines how Christians can maximize their spiritual growth through a genuine exchange of ideas and inspiration with those of others faiths, focusing on encounters between Christians and Muslims. By providing a clear and concrete blueprint for congregational leadership in new social circumstance, Sachs charts a course for overcoming major religious prejudice. He demonstrates how bridges can be built by applying the ideals of love of God and love of neighbor, and how faithful people can translate religious ideals into reconciling realities.

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