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In Defence of Doubt

Posted on 22 May 2015 Gavin Glenn

Book Cover - In Defence of Doubt

An invitation to adventure

While doubt is encouraged in most disciplines, somehow in religion we have been expected to abandon all creative thinking and ‘just believe’, blaming ourselves for our doubts. This is more about authority and belief systems than about faith; and certainly not the experience of the ‘great cloud of witnesses’ before us, courageously lurching from one doubt to the next, believing they were nudged by God through their doubts.

Doubts are not preying forces of evil but tantalising carrots, enticing us to new territory and allowing us to throw out outgrown dogmas for richer experiences. This book invites readers to drag their doubts out from under the rug and celebrate them for the gifts they are, just as a scientist anticipates fresh resolution with each doubt investigated.

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