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Posted on 20 April 2015 Gavin Glenn

Book Cover - iGods

How technology shapes our spiritual and social lives

Detweiler is a Christian who loves God and is attached to his iPhone. While the benefits of technology are indisputable, many questions remain as to technology’s downside. Texting, social networking, and Internet research may not be enemies of faith, but Detweiler asks whether these activities and the technology behind them are making us more thoughtful, articulate, and loving people. How does the insatiable desire for ever-faster response time from our handheld devices square with the Christian virtue of patience? Technology can direct us to those things we’d like to see but Christians are asked to look at things they’d rather not, such as hunger and injustice. We must never confuse the digital world with our lived experience as embodied human beings lest we become disconnected from the pain and suffering around us. In sum, we must seek the divine, with technology as but one tool. Detweiler’s analysis, although refracted through a Christian lens, is worthwhile reading for anyone concerned about the possibilities and perils of technology. --Christopher McConnell

Craig Detweiler interacts with major symbols, or "iGods," of our distracted age to investigate the impact of the technologies and cultural phenomena that drive us.

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