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Hope Was Heard Singing

Posted on 27 October 2014 Gavin Glenn

Resources for Advent

Advent is close, expectation is holding its breath. The angels hover high above. Come, begin your journey….


Hope Was Heard Singing can be used as part of a daily discipline for Advent, or as a book to dip into. It is a collection for personal reflection, and a rich resource, from an original voice, for congregations and small groups searching for material relevant to the 21st century.


There are prayers, meditations, poems, a few wee plays thrown in for good measure and Bible reading on Advent themes. Much of the material was tried and tested at Dunblane Cathedral, where Sally is Associate Minister.






On the hillsides,


Hope was heard singing unexpected Hallelujahs.


In a Bethlehem backwater,


Hope hovered


And love was born.


And now,


As the wise journey and the powerful start to pace the floor


And mumble into sleepless nights, we gather – the light of the world is here.


The job now is to keep it burning.





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