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Hannam Semester 2 Opening Service

Posted on 14 September 2011 Gavin Glenn

The following article appeared in the Korean Christian Herald on 19 August 2011.

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The translated version is below.

Charles Sturt University in Australia

In the United Theological Uniting Church in Australia, we welcomed new students who apply for the Postgraduate Course for the new approaching semester through the first worship together in August.

The worship was beautifully conducted with the chromaharp teams special choir lead by Rev. Sang Tack Lee (Dean of Postgraduate Course in C.S.U.), also a long with the welcome greeting by Rev. Dr. Clive Pearson, Dean of UTC in Australia. Bible reading read by Rev. Gi Hoon Lee (Isaiah 40: 1-8) and also with the sermon by Dr. Samuel Chun (Dean of Postgraduate Theological Course at Hannam University).

Dr. Chun’s sermon was titled “Christian’s social consciousness” whether he emphasised the need to consider more about the faith and social problems of our time, diagnosed the social problems through the Bible and taught that teachings of the Bible should be interpreted carefully and also that rather than after life it focuses more about creation and that the Bible is providing hope through the future.

Yong Hun Cho, the professor of Hannam University prayed for the salvation and be able to have new hope to do the good work for God despite the many difficulties in our time.

Mrs. Moira Bryant (Library Manager) introduced and performed the tour guide of library. There was an enrolment of 6 new students for the postgraduate course for this new semester and the first class has already started for this new term.

The elder Jung Ueon No has expressed that despite the tough immigration life he is thankful to God for giving him the opportunity to study, and he will follow his seniors by trying hard and will spent the rest of his life working for God even though he is of a mature age.

Christian Herald on 19th Aug. 2011

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