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Get Their Name : Grow Your Church by Building New Relationships

Posted on 19 May 2014 Gavin Glenn

Learn to share your faith without anxiety!

Most churches and Christians target the wrong people with “evangelism” efforts. The model we use no longer works, because it is too passive, too polite, and focused in the wrong direction. We are not making new disciples, not adding significantly to Christ’s transformation of the world. And many of us are unaware of this fact.

There is hope, and you will find it in these pages. Farr, Anderson and Kotan reveal the ways most churches unwittingly misdirect their reach into the community. The authors show in practical terms how to change the habits of leaders and entire congregations, so that invitation is natural, constant, systemic, genuine, and easy. Get Their Name clearly demonstrates how your church can change and equips your people to share their faith in a way that is effective, biblical, and transformational.

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