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Fresh Expressions of Church and the Kingdom of God

Posted on 1 April 2013 Gavin Glenn

This engaging book, full of vivid stories, addresses one of the central challenges facing the fresh expressions movement, summarised succinctly by Rowan Williams in the opening chapter:

“One of the sharpest criticisms of the new look in mission represented by fresh expressions is that it accepts without challenge a private and apolitical perspective that simply colludes with the general culture of consumer choice and the search for what makes me feel better rather than what is true. It is really a twopronged challenge: on the one hand, where is the cross, the emptying and reshaping of the self by radical grace? On the other, where is the Kingdom, the hope for a transformed society and world, not just an improved network of religiosity?”

Fresh Expressions of Church and the Kingdom of God offers reflection on the experience of various fresh expressions of Church and how they have sought to tackle some of the complex and difficult issues of life in the real world, while also coming together in worship and knowing the Church community as a deep spiritual home.

At its heart is the belief worked out that evangelism is more than the invitation to find Christian faith as an attractive personal option and that as soon as we hear the promise of grace for ourselves, we also hear the summons to make our renewed lives good news for the neighbour and the stranger.

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