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Fish or Cut Bait : How Winning Churches Make Decisions

Posted on 8 November 2012 Gavin Glenn

Through extensive research, Dr. John Kaiser shares the best practices of ten successful congregations. Focussing explicitly on decision-making rather than planning, structure, relationships, or any other host of factors, Fish or Cut Bait outlines how these congregations' boards or leaders provide both accountability and support for pastors.

Kaiser details the five questions that effective churches use when making healthy decisions to remain true to their mission: What must be done? Who says so? Who takes the lead? What's it going to cost? What if there is trouble? He includes the top ten things that the congregation, pastor, staff, board, and tribe need to avoid.

Regardless of size, tongue, tribe, or style - if your congregation wants to go fishing in deeper waters for a spiritual catch, this book will fit nicely in your tackle box.

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