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Posted on 27 January 2010 wgleeson

We've just put a mountain of December and January journals into the collection, including Theology, Youth Studies Australia, Madang, New Testament Studies, The Pacific Journal of Theology and many, many more.

On the New Journal Wall we have the latest issues of Studio: A journal of Christian's writing, In a state of prayer, and other feature journals.

The November St Mark's Review features papers from a seminar celebrating the 20th anniversary of Charles Sturt University, including an article by Stephen Burns, 'Seminary or School? Theological study and personal devotion', and Uniting Church Past-President, James Haire, 'God in the University: Reflections on the discourse'.  This issue of St Mark's Review is available on the New Journal Wall in the main Library.

Uniting Church Studies explores the topic of 'A theological Future' in the December issue.  The issue includes articles by D'Arcy Wood, John Michael Owen and Geoffrey Thompson, while David Thompson and Gordon Lathrop add an international feel to the collection.  United Theological College Vice-Principal, John Squires writes on 'Interpreting Galatians 3: 27-28 in the Uniting Church: A relational and contextual perspective'.  Uniting Church Studies can be found on the New Journal Wall in the main Library.

Friends of Camden Theological Library have made contributions to the latest Zadok publications.  In Zadok Perspectives No. 105, Marion Maddox, along with Stuart Piggin tackle the question 'Is Australia a Christian Country?'  Marion replies with three possible answers and explores what actually makes a nation Christian.

Director of Public Theology for the Australian Evangelical Alliance and good friend of the Library, Ian Packer, presents a submission on 'Freedom of Religion and Belief in the 21st Century' in Zadok Papers, S172.  Ian explores the current status of freedom of religion and belief and the need for ongoing discussion.

Zadok Perspectives and Zadok Papers can be found in the Journal section of the main Library.

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