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Everyday God : The Spirit of the Ordinary

Posted on 27 March 2013 Gavin Glenn

Ordinariness is out of fashion. So often these days we are laid that what we really need is something bigger, better and more exciting but however glamorous (or not) your life is, like everyone else you still need to do ordinary things like the washing or the weekly shop. We all have long periods of ordinariness and in Everyday God, Paula Gooder explores the hidden depths of richness and potential of such times.

Here we discover how to clebrate the ordinary in all its forms and find majesty in mundane routine as much as in regal splendour. Without a proper understanding of the importance of ordinariness, our lives can become an impoverished waiting room as we loiter, unfulfilled, for the next big event.

The longest season ol he Church's year - 33 weeks in all - is known as 'Ordinary Time'. Whatever time of year you are reading this book, it will help you experience times that seem uneventful more intentionally. Through the lens of 33 biblical passages which all touch on the theme of ordinariness, vou discover the extraordinary in the most everyday things: in the lives of ordinary people; in a God who defies our best attempts, to put him in a gilded palace; in a Kingdom that is best likened to seeds, yeast and fishing nets, and in everyday decisions which, lived out with God, have extraordinary consequences.

'Paula is one of the most lurid, engaging and stimulating teachers I have encountered.'

Nick Baines, Bishop of Bradford

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