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A lesson in practical ecotheology

Posted on 11 November 2009 wgleeson

With over 60,000 items, situated in a picturesque location, Camden Theological Library is a perfect location for students and researchers to immerse themselves in their work.

ErrolNovember, however, is different.  After a gruelling year, many students struggle with the 'hump' that is the final assignments, or study time for the final exams.  This was the situation for Library staff member, Beth Goldfinch.  With only exams left to complete her degree in theology, Beth was visually taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings of the Centre for Ministry (CFM) in North Parramatta, when she spotted something that was a little out of place.

An Eastern Snake-Necked Turtle, hereafter known as 'Errol', had ventured away from the now dry creeklands bordering the CFM in search of water, and had settled upon the courtyard adjacent to the Library as a good place to start.

Beth & ErrolBeth, who was ably assisted by David Reichardt, recently awarded his PhD for his ecotheological study of the Murray-Darling Basin, rescued Errol from certain peril - UTC students.

Errol, after enjoying a short study session with Beth, was then taken down to Lake Parramatta, where he was released into the lake.


To add to the Library's ecological dramas, a lizard was also found enjoying the warmth of the photocopy room.  The lizard, who was not named, and did not get to enjoy any theological study, was relocated to the gardens of the CFM.



David will be speaking at the 'Cosmic liturgy: The theological dignity of creation' event on Monday, 16 November.  Errol will not!

No animals (or students) were harmed in the making of this story.

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