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Economic Parables : The Monetary Teachings of Jesus Christ

Posted on 23 December 2013 Gavin Glenn

Book Cover - Economic Parables

Ever wondered how to pay the next bill? Felt the world is unfair in economic rewards? Been indecisive about investing wisely? These types of fiscal questions are addressed from a Christian viewpoint in Economic Parables.

Using his vast experience in the financial world as well as church ministry, the author invites you to listen directly to the words of Jesus and reflect on a number of “economic parables” to understand life in an increasingly globalized economy. Some of the answers you’ll find will be surprising, in part, because Jesus was a more sophisticated economist than he is given credit for. His words will shed light on many modern economic problems and decisions we may not think to go to the Bible about.

By taking this journey through the “economic parables”, your response to finances and the global marketplace will be enriched from a balanced biblical approach. Each chapter contains a parable and reflection, followed by questions, making this book ideal for group or personal Bible study.

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