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Dreaming a New Earth

Posted on 27 January 2014 Gavin Glenn

Book Cover - Dreaming a New Earth

Raimon Panikkar and Indigenous Spiritualities

Dreaming a New Earth concerns itself with ultimate questions: the survival of humanity and planet earth. Instead of proposing theoretical or political solutions, the book anticipates the birth of a new culture and civilisation through the path of dialogue with Indigenous traditions. Accordingly, this work highlights the wisdom of Indigenous Australian and Asian-Pacific peoples. In so doing, the Western approach to reality, dominated by reason and theoretical analysis, is confronted with a more holistic vision in which the voice of the Spirit inspires dreams and sacred stories Humanity is invited to re-experience the sacredness of nature and the mystery of existence.

In short, we are called (in Aboriginal parlance) to a “new Dreaming” or (according to the religious traditions) a radical conversion (metanoia) of min, heart and soul. If there is to be genuine spiritual re-birth and cultural transformation in our paradoxically globalised and fractured world, we can no longer afford to ignore the ancient wisdom of primal cultures and Indigenous traditions. Dialogue with earth-centred spiritualties and oral traditions is shown to be not only possible but indeed, also crucial for our survival.

Dreaming a New Earth also presents in a fresh way the mature insight of Raimon Panikkar (1918-2010) whose original and creative contribution to religious and cultural dialogue is well recognised. His understanding of the dynamic interrelatedness of body (cosmic dimension), mind (consciousness dimension) and spirit (depth dimension) -  what he call the “cosmotheandric vision” – is shown to be clearly at play in the cultures of Indigenous Australians and other Asian-Pacific peoples. In other language, Indigenous traditions teach us an often-forgotten lesson: the whole cosmos is sacred.

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