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Disturbing Complacency: Preparing for Christmas

Posted on 13 November 2014 Gavin Glenn

Readings for the four weeks of Advent

Disturbing Complacency does not advocate a ‘cosy’ view of Christmas but rather urges people to use this season to address some of the most important issues of our time. To do so the author makes creative use of quotes from other sources, interspersed with her own perspective on the subjects under consideration.

Lisa Bodenheim, a minister of the United Church of Christ and an Associate of the Iona Community, Writes: Let us prepare for the birth of Christ by stretching our faith and disturbing our comfort. Let us ruffle our complacency and develop awareness, a courageous spirit and a security that comes from a deep-rooted faith.

  • Short, structured readings for each day of Advent
  • For group or individual reflection
  • Scripture-based
  •  Uses inclusive language and justice-oriented theology
  • Raised faith questions about contemporary issues
  • Seeks to foster a mature, vibrant and progressive Christianity


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