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Dementia : Living in the memories of God

Posted on 27 February 2013 Gavin Glenn

"John Swinton has clearly become the premier pastoral theologian of our time.
In this book he approaches the troubled topic of dementia with his usual
thoroughness, engaging the science with an unapologetic theological voice
Dementia: Living in the Memories of God will become a classic!'


Duke Divinity School
author of God, Medicine, and Suffering


"Swinton offers us the best constructive theology yet written on the important
place for the deeply forgetful in our communities and our lives. His ability to
elevate the most significant Christian scholarship on this topic to the level of
a compelling new synthesis is clear on each thoughtful page. Those who want
to reflect deeply on where individuals with dementia fit into our world will benefit
from this breath of fresh air It is a brilliant book that stays true to everything
meaningful in Christian ethics, theology, and care."


Stony Brook University
author of The Hidden Gifts of Helping


"Engagingly written and thoroughly researched, Swinton's Dementia is a ringing
challenge to current thinking (and speaking and acting) about dementia.
Especially significant is the author's insistence that Christians always consider
dementia from a theological perspective and move beyond the dominant
(and limited) medical model."


University of Miami
author of When Alzheimer's Diseose Strikes!


JOHN SWINTON is professor of practical theology and pastoral care at
the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, and founding director of the Centre
for Spirituality, Health, and Disability at Aberdeen. His other books
include Resurrecting the Person, Disability in the Christian Tradition,
Well and Dying Faithfully, and Raging with Compassion.




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