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Deep Mentoring

Posted on 30 January 2014 Gavin Glenn

Book Cover - Deep Mentoring

Guiding others on the leadership journey

We are called to invest in new leaders. Good leaders are developed through slow, deep mentoring. To think otherwise is to embrace the myth of the quick fix. We proceed, instead, by paying careful attention to and joining in the work God is already doing in people’s lives.

This book is designed to help us know better how to come alongside others as a guide and friend, to invest in their spiritual formation. For those who want long-term impact on the lives of future leaders, how we guide must be as important as the content we impart. Randy Reese and Robert Loane show us how to make the most of this crucial ministry. They offer a biblically grounded approach that draws on the research and teaching of Bobby Clinton as well as their own experience in resourcing churches and Christian organizations.

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