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Creative Ideas for Quiet Days : Resources and Liturgies for Retreats and Days of Reflection

Posted on 9 September 2013 Gavin Glenn

The pace of modern life makes it feel as though we all live 'in the fast lane' at times. A sense of being perpetually busy invades our lives as individuals, as families and often as churches, and we can so easily lose sight of where we are going, and what we are trying to be.

An age-old antidote is time out, a stepping aside from the responsibilities that press on us in order to renew our vision and replenish our energies. A single day set apart for retreat and reflection can work wonders.

Here is a comprehensive resource for all who are seeking such spiritual refreshment. Creative Ideas for Quiet Days

  • explains the practical basics of running a quiet day
  • provides twelve complete themed programmes
  • includes photocopiable materials for group and individual exercises
  • offers a range of prayers, readings and resources for creating your own quiet days

Inspired by her childhood near the sea, Sue Pickering compares quiet days to the rock pools she loved to explore. Here, she says, are God's 'pools of provision' full of hidden surprises and delights, awaiting our discovery.

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