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Creative Ideas for Frontline Evangelism with Young People

Posted on 30 April 2014 Gavin Glenn

Young people have enormous capacity for the spiritual, and openness to faith and the imagination to approach God with awe and wonder, however worldly, cynical and resistant to traditional forms of evangelism they can seem.

A majority of young people today have no contact with the life of faith; they have not heard the stories of Christ or had the opportunity to experience the powerful message of the Gospel. How can the church proclaim the Gospel afresh for this generation with imagination, style and substance?

This resource book by an experienced practitioner is brimming with ideas, materials and practical help for creative mission and worship that engages young people and has the potential to transform them. Based on the author’s extensive storytelling experience with young people in churches, schools, festivals and a variety of youth work settings, Creative Ideas for Frontline Evangelism with Young People will inspire and equip all who take up the exciting and rewarding challenge of mission among the young.

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