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Coming event: Cosmic liturgy

Posted on 3 November 2009 wgleeson

United Theological College will be hosting Romanian Orthodox theologian, Daniel Munteanu, who will present a public lecture, 'Cosmic Liturgy: The theological dignity of Creation', at the Centre for Ministry on November 16, 2009 from 1pm.

A display of books related to the lecture topic is currently on display in the Reference Area of Camden Theological Library.

Other speakers at the event include:
1) George Emeleus: Working on Theology and Climate Change
2) David Reichardt: "Release the River! How an ecotheological reading of the Murray Darling Basin has affected my theology"
3) Miriam Pepper: Working on Ecological Initiatives in Congregations and Communities.

All Welcome and a light Afternoon Tea will be supplied.

Dr. Prof. Daniel Munteanu 
Daniel Munteanu is Romanian Orthodox theologian, lecturing in Protestant theology with a main focus on Ecumenism at the Otto-Friedrich University, Bamberg, Germany.  Daniel is currently a Visiting Scholar with the Flinders University School of Theology and the Adelaide College of Divinity.

Daniel earned Postdoctoral qualifications at Otto-Friedrich in the area of ‘Basic anthropological principles and trends in Christianity and Islam’, having studied the Pneumatologies of Jurgen Moltmann and Dumitu Staniloae in his Doctoral thesis.

In addition to his ecumenical and inter-faith interests, Daniel has also translated works by Jurgen Moltmann, Konrad Raiser, Michael Welker and others into Romanian, has presented lectures on Public Theology, Resurrection, Trinity and wrote a chapter for a book celebrating Jurgen Moltmann’s 80th birthday.  He has also been interviewed on Romanian television and radio.


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