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Christian Education Curriculum for the Digital Generation

Posted on 1 July 2015 Gavin Glenn

Cover - Christian Education Curriculum for the Digital Generation

A case study of second-generation Korean Australian youth


This book is about exploring and presenting a model of digital-based curriculum for Christian education suitable for the digital ways of learning, communicating, and thinking. Park discusses the limitations of analog-based curricula, most of current curricula, and necessities for digital-oriented ones. Then, he provides a new model of curriculum-curriculum as software. Curriculum as software is a curricular framework for embracing digital culture like open-flat network, service-centered management, interactive communication, and offline-online hybrid learning space. It consists of four spiral stages: analysis, design, simulation, and service. In the process of designing units, 4R Movement-a new learning theory-is utilized to encourage today's young people to construct their own knowledge after critically analyzing various resources of information. 4R-embeded courses are implemented in the four movements: reflection, reinterpretation, re-formation, and re-creation.

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