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Christ the Stranger : The Theology of Rowan Williams

Posted on 7 May 2012 Gavin Glenn

"Myers' book exhibits many of the traits he describes in the theology of Rowan Williams: an attentiveness and care that makes the familiar strange, a sparse but rich prose that bears re-reading, a seeking always for historical foundations and resources. In fact, this elegant book is a complex intellectual biography that convincingly roots its hero in a series of engagements - the centrality of MacKinnon, Wittgenstein and Hegel in Williams' thought is revealed - which are then shown to occur within an on-going reflection on the life of prayer. Throughout, the complex paths of Williams' theology are introduced with clarity and verve."

Lewis O. Ayres, Durham University, UK

"An accessible, interesting and persuasive account of this difficult yet important modern theologian."

Alister McGrath, King's College, London, UK

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