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Children in the Bible

Posted on 21 August 2014 Gavin Glenn

What does God want for the lives of children?

And what does this tell us about how we should treat children today?


In this major new book, mission theologian Anne Richards considers these questions by taking a fresh look at the biblical material about children, She  examines many of the well-known stories, such as those about Samuel, Isaac and the children blessed by Jesus, but she also explores stories that are often overlooked because they make us feel uncomfortable.

Richards argues that God finds children worthy of calling, life and salvation, commission, healing and blessing. Children are not only deeply woven into God’s purposes, but are also makers of God's story, 'providers to us of a language through which God's will for the creation is revealed'.

Interweaving analysis with stories about contemporary children and childhood, the author also touches on issues such as infertility, consumerism and neglect. Each chapter includes questions for reflection and a suggested activity, making the book ideal for individual or group study.

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