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Bibles, Borders, Belonging(s)

Posted on 12 August 2014 Gavin Glenn

Engaging readings from Oceania

This collection of essays by biblical, scholars currently situated in Oceania engages regional concerns—for example, climate change, conquest, migration, displacement, resettlement, asylum, and discipleship—at the intersection of Bible, borders, and belonging(s). The contributor read, in their own ways, bibical texts on those concerns in relation to borders and belonging(s). The meanings of borders and belonging(s) are fluid and overflowing: the borders of a text, nation, community, or body may be in view; and belonging(s) encompasses possessions as well as belonging in a place (home, land), a group (tribe, camp), or a movement (disciples, cultures). Regional in roots (belonging), volume flows far beyond the borders of Oceania.

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