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Beyond Well-Being : Spirituality and Human Flourishing

Posted on 31 January 2013 Gavin Glenn

This is an anthology with a vision. It is a superb collection of diverse social science research unided around the common theme of human flourishing. Under the leadership of Dr. Maureen Miner a remarkable collaboration has been achieved, in which each author has an interest in Christian spirituality and how it is related to human flourishing. Some articles are more theological, some less. Many bring particular expertise and years of research to the question of flourishing. The writing is crisp and clear. It serves up its professional research, which is very informative, in ways that non-professionals can readily understand.

All the authors avoid seeing flourishing as an individual-only project; instead they include relationships and community in the discussions. Even chapters which address Australian people and society will be of broader, global interest. In a richness of diversity, each of the researchers takes a different approach to the thematic question of how spirituality affects human flourishing. From psychological attachment theory, to problems of suffering, to mentoring, to distinctly theological notions, this volume is a new benchmark.

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