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As a Fire by Burning : Mission as the Life of the Local Congregation

Posted on 2 December 2013 Gavin Glenn

Building on an understanding of the local congregation as the primary location of mission, As a Fire by Burning seeks to explore the relationship between the day-to-day life of local churches and contemporary thinking about mission.

Drawing on the first-hand experience of those engaged in mission in a wide variety of different contexts in contemporary Britain, the component parts of church life are explored. What is the relationship between worship and mission? If mission is more than just evangelism, and disciple making is a life-long task, how can this be sustained over the long term? Much has been made of collaborative partnerships in delivering mission objectives, but what are their theological and practical implications for non-Christian civic and voluntary bodies? A number of these rarely addressed themes are explored, revealing critical issues that are rarely addressed, but that can have significant implications if neglected or misunderstood.

Rather than relying on a 'one size fits all', off-the-shelf approach to mission, As a Fire by Burning encourages a level of engagement with context, Scripture, prayer and theology that will help to empower a local congregation to discern and shape its own missional life.

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