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Art and Soul

Posted on 22 June 2015 Gavin Glenn

Cover - Art and Soul

Generating missional conversations with the community through the medium of art

The church is in major decline in the Western world. We cannot continue to use past evangelistic models to reach out to our modern world. Art and Soul explores ways of generating missional conversations in the community through the medium of art, offering theological reflections as well as practical strategies on how to connect with people outside of the church.

This book surveys several approaches, including "Art and Soul," a course that teaches people who suffer from depression and anxiety to paint, and introduces youths, refugees, prisoners, and other at-risk people to art in order to better connect with their own personal narrative. Readers will learn about "Art for Justice," or how to use art in the marketplace to begin conversations in their local community.


Art and Soul's initiatives for connecting with people through art will inspire and encourage Christ followers to step out and create places to engage with their community.

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