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Ancient-Future Disciples : Meeting Jesus in Mission-shaped Ministries

Posted on 18 October 2013 Gavin Glenn

In Starting from Zero with $0: Building Mission-shaped Ministries on a Shoestring, religion journalist and commentator Becky Garrison chronicled the start-up lessons from pioneers who’ve birthed emergent and multicultural ministries in a variety of mission context-a truly mission-shaped church.

This time, Garrison hits the road to talk with the people in the pews (and on the pillows). From a Latino church plant in Fort Lauderdale to a musicians’ haven nestled in a New York City parish; from a historic black church in Texas embracing its young and multicultural neighbors to a second-generation emergent congregation in the suburbs of Seattle, she listens closely and reports on what’s happening on the ground in mission-shaped ministries across America.

  • Who is joining these communities and why?
  • How are people’s lives changing as they participate in these mission-shaped ministries?
  • How do these communities connect with newcomers and grow people as followers of Jesus?
  • What makes these forms of church distinctly Anglican?
  • How do you create sustainable Christian communities and not just niche ministries destined to remain on the margins?

With each fresh witness, Garrison reveals wit and wisdom regarding evangelism, Christian formation, leadership, and discipleship that every congregation can use to flourish in this postmodern, multicultural age.

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