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Advent 2014: The Lord Is Our Light

Posted on 5 November 2014 Gavin Glenn

An Advent study based on the Revised Common Lectionary

The season of Advent is a time of preparation and hope, looking forward to the birth of the infant Jesus as well as Christ’s return in glory. In the Lord is Our Light, Elaine Crawford calls us to explore our hope for new beginnings, praising God as we patiently but eagerly await the birth of Christ in our lives. Recalling the fulfilment of God’s promises at Christmas, she invites us to imagine the future culmination of our hope in Christ’s death, resurrection, and second coming. Her reflections challenge us to cultivate faithful lives here and now, in active expectation for the coming of the Christ Child.

Through the study of the Revised Common Lectionary texts for Year B, Elaine Crawford helps readers understand the meaning of our Advent hope, its message in of salvation, and how we are called to live “in the meantime”.

This book includes a leader guide by Nan Duerling, with Bible background, information about the season of Advent, and suggestions for group activities.

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