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Posted on 6 May 2014 Gavin Glenn

Living the Christian life today is as challenging as it ever was. Christians in many parts of the world follow the way of Jesus in the face of persecution and suffering. In the West, Christianity is regarded largely as quaint, irrelevant or even destructive. In this context, the Assembly of the Uniting Church at its meeting in July 2012 resolved to “invite all congregations and faith communities to participate in a shared season of teaching and learning on Christian faith and discipleship in 2014.”


Various resources for the season of teaching and learning have been identified and commended on the Assembly website (


Three new study series have been written by members of the Doctrine working group.


Christianity in the 21st Century

Four studies for groups

by Avril Hannah-Jones

Christianity in the 21st CenturyAs Australian Christians, we have the challenging task of living in a modern and postmodern world while living out a faith whose roots are pre-modern. The foundational events of the Christian faith, Jesus' Incarnation, Crucifixion and Resurrection, occurred almost 2000 years ago. How are we to live as Christians in the twenty-first century? This series of four studies locks at what it means to be Christian today, examining our history; responding to two of the biggest challenges facing Christians today: living in a religiously pluralist world after centuries of Christian domination in the West and caring for creation. The last study looks at the political implications of twenty-first century Christianity. Are we ready to be martyrs?


Jesus Christ according to the Basis of Union

Four studies for groups

by Geoff Thompson

Jesus Christ according to the Basis of UnionAt the very core of the church's life is the person and work of Jesus Christ. The Uniting Church has a particular view about who he was and is found in its Basis of Union. In four outstanding studies, Geoff Thompson explores what is understood by 'risen crucified one', Jesus' announcement of the 'sovereign reign of God'; the redemption of creation; and what it means to follow Jesus' 'strange way'. In an era where many voices compete for attention, these are foundational studies that ground what it means to be Christian. Every UCA small group will find them exhilarating.


Living the Christian Life

Six studies for groups

by Rod Horsfield

Living the Christian LifeUsing material from the UCA Assembly's Doc.bytes these six studies explore:being a disciple of Jesus;sustaining a relationship with God; andliving as a disciple in daily life.

Each session will begin with the life experience of the group's

members and move to a consideration of the biblical witness and the church's experience and teaching. With a wide range of input, every participant is enabled to draw on their own experience, Biblical knowledge and theological understanding to go deeper in their faith.

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