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A people's history of Christianity: the other side of the story

Posted on 30 September 2010 Gavin Glenn

Reviewed by Lionel Robson

The subtitle is the key to this important book.  Rather than focus on what the author calls "Big-C" Christianity - Christ, Constantine, Christendom, Calvin and Christian America (or Christian Europe), she outlines a different story: "It is a story of generative Christianity, a kind of faith that births new possibilities of God's love into the world ... generative Christianity transforms the world through humble service to all ... it is about following Christ to seed human community with love".

This book is a storehouse of spiritual resources that will enrich our practices and encourage us to embrace the future of the church with hope.  Butler Bass has brought the fruits of good scholarship to the thoughtful reader. It is free of the rancour that can spoil works of this type.  She, "accentuates the positive", as the old song has it. It is an excellent book for group discussion; it comes with a study guide.  Highly recommended.    

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