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A guidebook to prayer : 24 ways to walk with God

Posted on 13 March 2014 Gavin Glenn

Why Is Prayer So Hard?

MANY OF US HAVE ASKED THAT QUESTION. We want to pray. We intend to pray. But, as spiritual director and professor Mary Kate Morse notes, "we don't pray as consistently or as meaningfully as we might like."

And yet prayer offers us such spiritual riches. Prayer

  • draws us to experience love and to be love
  • increases our faith
  • expands our vision of God
  • helps us grow in self-understanding
  • gives us perspective on life and death

Morse continues: "Through prayer, we experience forgive-ness, guidance and peace. We are healed physically and emotionally. We experience the mystery of God, see truth and receive spiritual gifts. We receive vision and courage for God's mission. Faith becomes more beautiful, more real."

This guidebook is designed to move you from lamenting over prayerlessness to the joy of praying. Whether you are a beginner or a lifetime person of faith, you will find a wealth of riches here to guide you into a deeper experience of prayer.

Each chapter explores a different angle of prayer with sections focusing on each of the persons of the Trinity—Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And each chapter offers specific ways to pray on your own, with a partner and/or in a group. Sprinkled throughout are reflections from the author's former students describing their own experience with these practices.

A treasure trove of both resources and encouragement, you will find this book to be an indispensable guide to your life of prayer.

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