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Australian Mission in Korea

Posted on 7 December 2009 wgleeson

2009 marks the 120th anniversary of the first Australian Mission commitment to Korea, and celebrations have been underway in both Korea and Australia to mark the occasion.

Camden Theological Library has also aquired three Korean/English books published to commemorate the occasion:

Australia and KoreaAustralia and Korea: The 120 years of history is written by Uniting Church, NSW Synod, Cross-Cultural Consultant and Minister, Myung Duk Yang. 

This volume, published by Yonsei University Press, traces the 120 year relationship of two nations, from the first Australian Missionaries in Korea and the first Korean student in Australia, to the 2000 Sydney Olympics where a unified Korea marched into the Olympic Stadium and the opening of the Korean War Memorial Monument in Sydney in July 2009.

It is a beautifully presented book, filled with historical and contemporary images and printed with both Korean and English text to open up access to a much wider audience than had it been printed in one language only.

Australia and Korea: The 120 years of History can be considered a companion volume to the 2008 publication 50 year history of Koreans in Australia.



Witnessing GraceWitnessing Grace is a memorial to Australian Missionaries in Korea, written by former Korean Missionary and Uniting Church Minister, John Brown.  John Brown was a Missionary in Masan and Seoul where he also taught Old Testament and Hebrew at Presbyterian Theological College.  Returning to Australia in 1972, he worked in world mission positions for the Presbyterian and Uniting Churches until he returned to congregational ministry in 1992.


Witnessing Grace covers the 120 years of Australian Mission in Korea through the biographies of every Australian Missionary to work in Korea up until 2006.  The biographies, and photographs where available, are broken into periods in recent Korean history and are printed in both Korean and English.  Brown also includes a brief historical overview of the Missions.

John Brown profile

Published by the Presbyterian Church of Korea, this is an invaluable contribution to Australian and Korean Church and Missionary and general, modern history.




Journals of Davies and EngelThe 120th Anniversary of Australian Mission in Korea: The journals of Joseph Henry Davies and Gelson Engel, the first and tenth Australian Missionaries to Korea features side by side the English and Korean translations of the journal entries of two significant figures in the establishment and development of Missions in Korea.

Published by Soon Hyung Kwon and edited by Myung Dong Kim, this volume also features images of the actual journals, as well as photographs of the Missionaries and Mission activities.  Also included is a timeline of Australian Missionaries from 1889 to 1940. 

Missionary Journals

These books will be available for borrowing from the Library in the near future.


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